BC MOH to Cover Parkinson’s Medication

BC MOH to Cover Parkinson’s Medication

“B.C.’s PharmaCare is one of the most comprehensive drug programs in Canada, and covers approximately 12 drugs proven to be effective for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease…

In recognition of the challenges faced by British Columbians with Parkinson’s disease, the Ministry of Health will be working with the Pacific Parkinson’s Research Centre to identify and prioritize patients for coverage of the medication Duodopa…”

Duodopa is a gel-form combination of two medications, levodopa and carbidopa, administered directly to the small intestine through a surgically placed tube. Pharmacare also already covers the oral form of levodopa/carbidopa…

Due to the very high cost of this drug, the Ministry of Health has been in discussions with AbbVie, the manufacturer of Duodopa, to explore ways to make the product more affordable.”

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