“Stephen contributed key elements to the successful reimbursement of a first in class product in the Canadian market. Stephen provided important insight into the needs of the western provincial drug programs that were integrated into our strategic plans and helped develop the product value proposition. He executed an informative and productive western public payer tour to establish relationships and early product positioning. Stephen also produced the submission budget impact analysis and report. I found Stephen’s work to be professional.

I recommend contacting WestPAR for any market access, reimbursement or advocacy challenges in western Canada and I look forward to leveraging his services again in the future.”

–  Steve Hill, Director, Market Access & Government Affairs.

“I engaged WestPAR in mid 2019 as we were encountering delays in implementing a PLA with one of the Western provinces. Very quickly, Stephen put a strategic and engagement plan together, arranged meetings with key staff to move things forward and a few months later, we had an agreement put in place. I appreciated the responsiveness and quick reach with the decision-makers that lead to this positive conclusion for all involved.”

– Claude Perron, General Manager.

“I engaged Stephen Filbey of WestPAR Consultancy Inc. when I needed to develop an advisory board of knowledge-experts in the area of outcomes-based product listing agreements. My decision to engage with Stephen was a result of a decade of collaboration with him in market access and reimbursement. Stephen had the extensive knowledge of pharmaceutical reimbursement necessary in order to plan and develop the advisory board with me. In addition, I asked Stephen to facilitate the advisory board. Stephen was quite excellent in both roles, and the advisory board was successfully delivered as a result.

I strongly endorse Stephen Filbey as a knowledge-expert in pharmaceutical reimbursement, and for his strategic and organizational capabilities in the development of advisory boards. ”

John Warrington, Western Canada Senior Manager, Market Access and Public Affairs

“Stephen’s strategic guidance, insight and connections were pivotal in our securing early buy-in from the regional cancer agencies through building partnerships with the key influencers and decision makers in the west… critical in to secure timely reimbursement and favorable criteria.”

–  Fakher Aissa, National Lead, Market Access, Oncology.

We all can appreciate how critical access and reimbursement of medicines are in our country. Without any, patients may be deprived of innovative therapies to improve their condition. Avir, a specialized company bringing niched products to the Canadian market, has been facing significant reimbursement challenges in the western provinces where the strategic contribution of WestPAR has yielded positive outcomes. Stephen’s experience, relationship with payors and expertise combined with his systematic approach, has enabled Avir to gain listing in British Columbia for a key medicine in a life threatening area.

– Liette Landry, Director, Market Access & Marketing.

“Stephen, thank you for your insightful and timely consulting to Life360 Innovations. Your strategic advice and network of contacts helped shape our commercial role out and approach to our Canadian market entry and reimbursement strategy.

Subsequent to WestPAR’s guidance with our early strategy, Stephen has since developed a comprehensive private payer strategy, implementation plan, submission package, and follow-up schedule resulting in Continue being covered under the majority of private payer plans across Canada.

We look forward to working again with you and your network as we expand our footprint and market offering in the Canadian medical device sector and abroad.”

–  Bob Orr, President and CEO.